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Rated the best new outdoor game. The future of bean bag toss is here. 

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Patented design
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Each team of two players gets four bags, two for each player. Players stand on all four sides of the board, and shoot one bag per player in a clockwise rotation until everyone has thrown their two bags. The score is calculated after each round of 8 bags, as seen in the scoring section on the right, and the first thrower rotates clockwise after each round.

Each player stands 12 feet (or distance agreed upon) from their side of the board and directly across from their teammate. ​


SCORING (3-2-2)


Players are awarded:

3 points if the bag goes through the top hole (this is called a Table Toss)

2 points if the bag lands and remains in the bottom board

2 points if the bag lands and remains on the top board

Traditionally, bag toss or cornhole is played to 21 points, using cancellation scoring method. Players can choose to play with traditional scoring, but if you like quicker games like we do, choose the recommended Table Toss scoring method:

The preferred scoring for Table Toss is to 15, but the team that reaches or exceeds 15 wins only after they make a Table Toss. If both teams reach 15, the first Table Toss wins. It is possible for a game to end 25-15 with the team at 15 winning because they made the first Table Toss after 15.

Take your game and go.

Table Toss was designed to be carried to the beach, tailgates, backyards, or your favorite game spot. 




RHS Games and Table Toss were founded with one goal in mind: create a new outdoor game that is unique, quick to play, and portable. Why "Table Toss"?

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