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Set up

Table Toss comes in a fully collapsible self-carrying case. When you’re ready to play, simply open the two metal clips (one on each side), set the bottom board flat on the ground, insert the four legs into each corner of the bottom board, then insert the top board on top of the legs until each fits in it’s respective hole. It’s that easy! 


Each team of two players gets four bags, two for each player. Players stand on all four sides of the board, and shoot one bag per player in a clockwise rotation until everyone has thrown their two bags. The score is calculated after each round of 8 bags and the first thrower rotates clockwise after each round.

Each player stands 12 feet (or distance agreed on) from their side of the board, and directly across from the player’s teammate. ​

Screen Shot 2023-03-20 at 4.02.49 PM.png


2 points if the bag lands and remains on the top board

"On the table"

2 points if the bag lands and remains on the top board

"Under the table"

3 points if the bag goes through the top hole

"Table Toss" 

Table Toss is played to 15 points, but the team that reaches or exceeds 15 wins only after they make a Table Toss. If both teams reach 15, the first Table Toss wins.

As with many games, we recommend you make the Table Toss Experience your own! If conditions are windy, 12 feet can be challenging. If you don't mind longer games, playing to exactly 21 can be fun too. If your space is narrow, play with the game with two sides instead of four. The most important thing is competition and camaraderie! 

Set up in 30 seconds

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